Devon Dens

Us & Info

Who Are We?

We’re Jo Henderson and Ben Ranson and we’ve lived in Devon for over twenty years and combining our skills of carpentry and hospitality gave us an opportunity to shine a light on this amazing part of the UK. We count ourselves lucky on a daily basis to live where we do, between Dartmoor and the Cornish coast, and we can usually be found heading to one or the other with our gorgeous dog, Molly.

How Did We Get Here?

Ben trained as a carpenter and gained experience of many years in conventional building practices and traditional skills. Jo spent years working in hospitality before opening her own restaurant in Okehampton in 2004, The Pickled Walnut. When the restaurant was sold in 2008, we headed to Greece to work on olive farms. On our return, we had to start again so in 2011, Ben used his expertise to build us a Barrel Top Wagon to live in. In the same year, we bought a small conifer plantation which would eventually become Devon Dens.

Hand Made Cabins

We not only provide beautiful, year-round eco cabins to stay in, we also make them! The Cabin Company (formerly Barrel Top Wagons) was created in 2011, designing and making extraordinary timber cabins using locally sourced wood. From potting sheds to substantial family homes, we create stunning, bespoke structures here in our Devon workshop. If you have a project in mind, get in touch.

Dog Friendly Cabins

We understand how the furry ones are part of the family, and that’s why we offer dog friendly holidays welcoming dogs in both of our eco cabins. We charge £20 per dog and ask that they are always kept within sight and under control, that all poo is picked up and put in the bins provided and all dogs are kept off the furniture.