Devon Dens

The Woodland Garden

The south facing, two-acre site with a beautiful stream running along the southern edge, allows for each cabin to sit independently of the other with generous space for privacy and peace, or for kids to explore and play. Bird and dormouse boxes provide shelter and our two amazing Freedom bee hives are home to wild bees which pollinate our plants (and will one day provide us with Devon Dens honey!) Bats return each year to set up their nursery roost and you can watch them appear at dusk to feed.

When we bought the site in 2001, there were nothing but trees, a boggy area to the far west of the land and LOTS of brambles. Now, things grow in the raised beds, flower beds and polytunnel. A natural water filtration system with reed beds and pond teeming with life. You can read how these aspects, and our circular approach to waste and compost, help us run a low impact site in our All Things Eco section. There’re log sheds (watch out, log store envy is REAL 😊) a potting shed and of course, the fabulous wood-fired sauna.

In the last decade, we’ve planted thousands of hedging whips and hundreds of trees, we’ve cleared endless crack willow from lengths of stream and created a stumpery using dead logs and transplanted ferns. There are edible hedges with rosehips and plums and elder and a bee friendly bank this year created by Amy, my trusty wing woman. Each year the garden develops further. Our aim is that it will continue to flourish with interesting trees, areas of carefully considered planting and ongoing success in the veg and herb beds. It brings us great joy to work on this aspect of the site, then watch as the changes appear over the seasons. Return guests love seeing these changes too.

Stay with us

A perfect eco escape for families, friends or couples and their four legged friends.